We specialize in general cargo deliveries to all EU countries

We are a thriving transportation and shipping company with an experienced crew. We specialize in dedicated transportation of goods on behalf of customers, as well as groupage shipments tailored to customer preferences.


We have our own base with a warehouse, forklift and guarded, monitored parking near Cieszyn.

We deliver shipments throughout Europe

The territorial range in which our company operates covers all of Europe. We have OCP insurance in domestic and international traffic for the sum of 300,000 €. Insurance in cabotage traffic in Germany in the amount of 1,200,000 €.


For your convenience, we do not use rigid freight rates, the cost of freight each time is negotiated individually with the customer.

Monitoring of shipments

We provide you with a tool through which you can check the status of your shipment at any time thanks to the GPS locators installed in the cars. By logging in to our system using a web browser, you get information and the place on the map where the shipment is currently located.

Customs clearance to England and Switzerland

we arrange customs clearance to England and Switzerland

we have friendly customs agencies in Poland, England and Switzerland

preferential rates, fast clearance, good contact

the possibility to create GMR to England and prepare clearance from UK to EU (LRN + T1)

comprehensive care

contact by email or phone

We also supply, install and service entertainment equipment manufactured by our partners.




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FLEET – We have vehicles at our disposal:

Up to 3.5 tons with dimensions: 420-480cm x 220cm x 220-230cm – 8-10 e-pallet

An 18-ton vehicle with an elevator with dimensions: 770cm x 245cm x 280cm (8 000 kg capacity) – 19 e-pallet

Set of over 3.5 tons with elevator dimensions: 770cm x 245cm x 300cm (11 000 kg capacity)
+ trailer: 770cm x 245cm x 300cm (6 500 kg capacity) – 38 e-pallet

A 13.6 curtain wall trailer with dimensions: 1360cm x 248cm x 273cm (24 000 kg capacity)

Our partners

Company details:


Ul. Dworska 82, 43-426 Kostkowice k. Cieszyna

NIP PL: 548-263-87-60
REGON: 363306203

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+48 512 836 078
+48 505 364 366